Crimson Cupboard aims to eliminate food insecurity at Hastings College

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - It may be expected that students will have to skim on meals during college but at Hastings College it can be a major issue for some students. So a food pantry just for the campus is looking to help.

Students at Hastings College are helping their peers make sure they have enough to eat with their improved food pantry. (KSNB)

With the growing cost of tuition students frequently are faced with financial burdens that can affect other aspects of their lives.

“Sometimes people have to make a decision, 'Am I going to buy my books? Or am I going to have gas? Or will I have food?,” Crimson Cupboard Faculty Sponsor Jean Heriot said.

The Crimson Cupboard looks to find students who may need help getting meals or a more balanced option. Dr. Heriot conducted a study in 2016 that found 30% of the campus felt they had to cut a meal in a months time.

“I have experience with food insecurity myself so this was something I was interested in partaking in and I wanted to give back to students,” Co-Director Courtney Hanson said.

A couple students have been trying to get the word out to their peers. Some who may be uncomfortable coming to the pantry can arrange to pick up food at a locations on campus.

“We feel like there are sometimes a stigma around food insecurity,” Hanson said. “Like we shouldn't have to ask for help to get more food but we want to end that because it's never wrong to ask for help if you need it.”

They also have the Re-Store which is a free store where people can get furniture or kitchen supplies. It is directed towards international or out of state students who may not have an easy way to furnish an apartment.

Applications are now attached to class syllabi so everyone is informed of the resources.

“It feels great and it feels like we are doing something that needs to be done on every campus,” Heriot said.

The Hastings College sports teams are competing to see who can collect the most food donations this week. The Crimson Cupboard is always accepting donations and anyone looking to apply for food can reach out via email.

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