Dannebrog family still dealing with water after March flood

DANNEBROG, Neb. (KSNB) - One family in Dannebrog is still working to keep water out of their basement after the March flood half a year later. The Van Winkle family lives on Roger Welsch Avenue in Dannebrog where they were hit hard by the March flooding.

The Van Winkle cleans up water months after initial flooding issues. (KSNB)

“From the top of our basement stairs looking down you see nothing but water so we knew everything was gone,” Cody Van Winkle said.

Seven feet of water rushed into their basement destroying pictures, baby clothes, and much more. Six months later, the water levels are still too high, so any amount of rain brings water back. Just a couple weeks ago they came home to nearly two feet of water back in the basement after it had looked like it was drying up.

“We thought we were in the clear because there were spots where it was drying up for long periods of time so we thought well we're in the clear and then out of nowhere,” Cody said.

They had flood insurance which covered a little bit. Since both of them work funds from FEMA were limited.

Being in the valley of the area they took on more water than some of their neighbors. One of their cars was ruined in the water so they had to take out loans.

“Making the decision to take out a loan to replace all the stuff we lost has been hard because it's like that's one more expense that we can't really afford because the whole flood has hit us pretty hard financially,” Crystal Van Winkle said.

They have been trying to stay positive for their kids Shane and Gracie with another on the way. They have had a lot of support from their family and community but the recovery process keeps dragging on.

“So when it first happened there were people all around helping, offering to donate and stuff and here it is six months later,” Cody said. “I mean just the little stuff is consistent. you feel like you can't move forward until the water stops and you can get that all taken care of.”

Now they continue to pump water out and hope to avoid mold. Most of all they need a break from the rain so they can start to move on with their lives.