Dentist with method, mission provides free dentures

Published: Apr. 8, 2017 at 10:19 PM CDT
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You may have noticed long lines at Fonner Park Friday.

That’s where hundreds of people were provided with free dental care. It was the first of two days of the Mission of Mercy dental clinic at the Pinnacle Bank Expo building at Fonner Park. The large building was transformed into a clinic with over 100 chairs available to help patients.

The free clinic, which serves anyone on a first come, first served basis is truly a complete services clinic. Among services provided were fillings, root canals, extractions and more. Some patients who pre-registered were even able to be fitted with dentures.

Dr. Stephen Alouf from Roanoke, Virginia and his partners have developed a method of fitting someone with plastic dentures in as little as one hour. According to Alouf, the system was developed for events such as this.

"This is what spawned it,” said Alouf. “We were doing dentures for our Missions of Mercy in Virginia. We just had a need for something that instead of doing maybe just twelve patients in a weekend we could do a hundred."

New dentures are a life changing boost of self-esteem. It also provides a good feeling for the doctors.

"Well, you know, dentistry has been pretty good to me,” said Alouf. “I feel that it’s our role and our responsibility to give back. And, to do God’s work. That’s why I’m here. Been doing it about 15 years now, hope to keep on doing it."

Alouf said they plan on doing full dentures for up to 30 people this weekend, with partial plates for even more.