Display at State Capitol celebrates "Nebraska Pollinator Week"

Published: Jun. 22, 2017 at 11:37 AM CDT
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Governor Pete Ricketts has proclaimed this week as “Nebraska Pollinator Week.” The designation aims to remind everyone about the importance of pollinators in our state.

One of those important pollinators is the monarch butterfly—a species that is disappearing across North America.

A display at the Nebraska State Capitol hopes to bring awareness to the growing issue.

The display is called "Monarchs on a Mission." It’s made up of hundreds of paper butterflies.

“We invited Nebraskans from across the state to request paper monarchs,” said Lindsay Rogers, Wildlife Education Specialist with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. “We sent them the monarchs, they were invited to color them and then they sent them back to us.”

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission used those colored butterflies to create the educational display. More than 200 communities participated in the activity.

“Monarchs are losing their habitat in their wintering grounds in Mexico,” said Rogers. “Also, we have loss of milkweed here in the United States, which makes the problem worse.”

Pollinators are important to us all. They provide a key service that helps with the production of our food.

“We estimate about one in three bites of food is required to have pollinators for its production. If we’re losing pollinators, we’re loosing our economy and ecosystems. It’s really important to protect our pollinators.”

There are several things you can do to help—like planting milkweed and wildflowers.

“There are more than a dozen different species of milkweed that can be found here in Nebraska. Any one of them would be perfect. Also, bees and wasps need wildflowers. Planting a wide variety of wildflowers that bloom throughout the summer is very important.”

For more information on what to do to help save pollinators in Nebraska, click