Doniphan businesses purchase billboard to advertise their unique stores

Doniphan, Neb. (KSNB) The biggest shopping weekend of the season starts Saturday. Businesses in Doniphan got together and purchased a billboard to advertise their stores on Highway 281.

Doniphan businesses purchase billboard

The sign is visible as you are heading North right before Roselle Road. The owner of the store Around The Block, says offering unique items is what draws people to Doniphan.

"We try to be exclusive for this area, things that will beautify your home and have variety, whether it be an antique, a modern home, low cost items, high cost items," said Denise Groff, Around the Block.

Holiday desserts are a must have for your own home or when you visit others. At Red Bird Cafe you can choose from hand-make cakes, candy, cinnamon rolls and even cookies.

"We are also open to doing custom orders, so if people wanted a custom order we are open to doing that as well," said Any Shlatz, Red Bird Bakery.

Most places offer the option of gift cards and for all those coffee drinkers out there there prices won't hurt the budget.

And when the shopping is all said and done you can end your day at Tiff's Tavern.

There were 11 businesses that contributed to the billboard.

1) Steve's Butcher Shop
2) B & B Carpeting
3) Doniphan Events Center
4) Alternet
5) Julie's Massage
6) Tiff's Tavern
7) Blue Rock Care
8) 845 Boutique
9) Bank of Doniphan
10) Red Bird Bakery
11) Around the Block