Election results for Adams County may take some time

Hastings, Neb. - (KSNB) With several positions up for grabs in Adams County, tonight's elections will be a nail biter for some candidates.

Final results may not come in as fast as some would like.

Voting started first thing this morning and closes at 8:00p.m.

Adams county has paper ballots and 20 polling locations. They have one central tabulating location and one tabulating machine.

While workers and volunteers work hard to get things processed and handed over, sometimes normal delays keep the final count from being quickly confirmed.

"Geographically, we have to wait quite a while while some of our ballots to get here. Obviously you have to wait for the polls to close before the election workers can gather up their materials, prepare their final report and get to us. A lot of the times we are waiting on Holstein, Roseland and Ayer," said Ramona Thomas, Adams County Clerk

General elections take place November, 6, 2018.