Elementary students get exercise in by walking to school

Published: Oct. 10, 2018 at 2:31 PM CDT
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Over 100 students and teachers from Roosevelt Elementary alongside emergency personnel decided to take a walk to school this morning.

“This day is to help promote safety and accessibility for kids to be able to walk to school,” said Janelle Visser, Health Educator for Panhandle Public Health District.

For one student at Roosevelt, she is happy to travel to school with her friends.

“I wanted to see all of my friends,” said Juanita, 4th Grade Student.

The weather may have been a little chilly but that didn't stop the kids from having a nice 15 minute walk to school, which gave them a little exercise before hitting the books. Juanita says it gets your heart ready to go.

“Your heart gets pumped up and ready,” said Juanita.

Along with exercise being good for the body, it gets the brain ready for the day.

”When the kids get to school, instead of just getting out of bed and going to school, this helps stimulate their brain for learning,” explained Visser.

If students decide they want to turn walking to school into a trend, they need to make sure to stay on the sidewalks, beware of dogs wandering and only cross the streets when a crossing guard is available or when you see the walking signage.

“At Roosevelt school, they have one stop light by their school and so it’s important to eventually end up there so that they cross at the stop light,” explained Visser.

Each student was able to make it to class on time and got their exercise in for the day.

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