Elkhorn Valley Community Theatre provides fun and entertainment for all ages

Published: Apr. 12, 2017 at 12:29 PM CDT
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When it comes to arts and entertainment in Nebraska, our state is full of theaters that provide fun for those of all ages. One of these is the Elkhorn Valley Community Theatre in Valley, Nebraska.

The theatre was originally a movie theater that was built in 1941. It has now been transformed into a performing arts center for the local community theatre.

“It originally had about 300 seats,” said Janice Lee, artistic director for the Elkhorn Valley Community Theatre. “We now have about 175 seats because the stage takes up most of that extra room.”

The building was refurbished to its current state in 2006. The full stage and stadium seating make it a great place to visit to see local citizens in action.

“It has a lot of history, and it has a lot of importance to this community,” said Lee. “It has been a wonderful experience for us to own this spot.”

The Elkhorn Valley Community Theatre is always full of fun and entertaining shows.

Participants put together a Christmas production every other year. They also perform an annual winter musical. During the summer, organizers hold a summer theatre program for children. Those participants put together two big productions at the end of the summer.

“The atmosphere is exciting for the cast who is waiting behind the curtain, and they can hear the people talking and getting excited about the show,” said Lee. “It's a wonderful time.”

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