Excessive heat causes roads to buckle

Published: Jul. 20, 2017 at 7:49 AM CDT
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For some people the excessive heat is hurting how they travel throughout our region. Roads are buckling and transit buses are breaking down.

"When my car went over the peak was so steep that my car was scraped the whole bottom crrrrrrrrrrr,” said Yolanda Bogdanyi.

Not a pretty sound but it was the first sign of a growing problem.

If you think you're hot outside under the summer sun just imagine how hot our roads are.

Curt Whittington with Council Bluffs Public Works estimates the roads they're working on are getting up to about 130 degrees.

"There's no magic number for what that temperature needs to be,” said Whittington. "It can only expand to a certain point."

Roads are soaking up the sun all day and in some cases they're buckling under the pressure.

"Well they should feel a, feel a good bump,” said Whittington.

Just like the crust of something baking in your oven, our roads are baking and expanding until there's nowhere else to go but up.

Yolanda Bogdanyi watched a Council Bluffs intersection outside her home rise over two hours.

"It was just a little bit and then afterwards maybe two hours later it was three feet high,” Bogdanyi said.

City crews got right to work in the heat to rip up the intersection and repair it. They tell WOWT 6 News it's so hot the moisture can get zapped out of the fresh concrete. Sometimes they have to keep it wetter on hot days because if it dries too quick it'll be brittle.

"They stayed with it. I was shocked because it's very hot,” she said.

Keeping cool where they could this woman says she was impressed with the hard work to get her street back open.

"That's a testament to the guys that are doing it,” said Whittington.

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