Extension calls for farmers to participate in TAPS contest

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Extension agents are proud to be celebrating 150 years of the University of Nebraska. A new contest for farmers showcases how much progress they have made in helping through research.

TAPS stands for Testing Ag Performance Solutions. It provides farmers a chance to simulate growing conditions, ranging from irrigation and fertilizers to crop insurance.

Chuck Burr, a crops and water extension agent, runs the program.
Burr talked to us about technology's role in the competition.

"There's a lot of technology available in agriculture today. From satellite imagery, aerial imagery, soil moisture sensors, just a lot of tools and technology available. This project is really designed for looking at this technology, seeing what is useful, what we can utilize in agriculture to be more efficient with our water and nitrogen applications and ultimately more profitable," said Burr.

Cash prizes are awarded to the highest yielding farmers.
The 2019 TAPS program will kick off on March 12th with a meeting for participants.

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