"Faces of Hastings" exhibit showcases cultural diversity of the city

Exhibit created by Hastings College Students
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Hastings has changed over the decades and a new exhibit at the Hastings Museum showcases the change.

The exhibit is called the "Faces of Hastings."

Students at Hastings College put together the exhibit. It is aimed at building cultural bridges across the community.

Along with featuring many faces of the community, the project also brought together various departments for the project; Communication Studies, Publishing, Graphic Design as well as students and instructors. Five different community organizations were also involved to make the project possible.

The over-sized posters tell short stories of the people of Hastings, giving us a glimpse into the people, their culture and their beliefs.

"I am going to sound like a pretty proud professor but I am happy with the way the students put it together. I think it really shows that there is a decent amount of diversity in Hastings even though it may not always seem that way," said Sara Gevurtz, Digital Art Professor, Hastings College

There is also a book available as part of the project.

"I loved that I knew some of the people, Ioved that some of the faces were new to me and the broad definition of diversity, ecomomic, racial, religious," said Becky Tideman, Marketing Director, Hastings Museum.

An interactive portion of the exhibit allows guests to take a polaroid photo and post it with a brief story about their lives.

The "Faces of Hastings' exhibit will be on display at the museum until June 2nd.