Families affected by ICE raids speak at O'Neill Cares Coalition press conference

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O'NEILL, Neb. -- On Friday, families affected by Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids earlier in the week shared stories about how they were affected and treated by agents.

The O'Neill Cares Coalition held a press conference at St. Mary's High School in O'Neill.

One woman, whose name was not given, said she came to Nebraska without documents to work hard and do jobs others didn't want to do, but said they weren't trying to "take anybody's bread out of their mouth."'

She also said the way people were treated was humiliating, and said they too believe the government has every right to enforce their laws, but not to treat people the way they were treated.

Pastor Garcia from Iglesia Evangelica Bethania Pentecostal church in Grand Island said the raids not only impacted those who were arrested, but the entire community. Nearly 150 people were arrested in Wednesday's raids. He added that it's "unreal" seeing children separated from their parents, crying, and asking to see their parents.

Bryan Corkle, spokesman for O'Neill Cares, and also a teacher and coach at O'Neill High School, said the organization's main goal is to support families and push for federal immigration reform.

He said they don't condone criminal activity of any sort, but stand by the families affected by the process. He also called on Nebraska lawmakers to listen to them and work to create a better system.

You can watch the entire press conference below.

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