Family looks to share story at Walk to End Alzheimer's

AURORA, Neb. (KSNB)- Families will come together Sunday to share their stories of a loved one who has been faced with Alzheimer's at the Walk to End Alzheimer's in Hastings.

One central Nebraska family is looking to share their grandpa's story in hopes to keep his memory alive and help others going through a similar situation. (KSNB)

Mikaela Schuster's grandpa Arlin always looked out for his family and was a hard worker. When he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's they did what they could to savor that memory of him.

“He was always working out on the farm, he would toodle around in his shop and work with different things,” Mikaela said, “My favorite when he did have Alzheimer's before he passed, we got to celebrate his last birthday here on earth and he was so happy he was so full of love.”

Her grandmother would take care of him and studied a lot of the changes he was going through. The family attended the Walk to End Alzheimer's last year to honor him. Mikaela said hearing the stories of other people dealing with this disease meant a lot to them.

“It was very insightful to hear the other people are going through different stages of Alzheimer's and people have lost their loved ones that are there and people are actually still going through someone that has Alzheimer's,” Mikaela said.

She said they are raising money to go towards research because she never wants anyone to go through this again. Mikaela also took her passion for helping people like her grandpa into her career.

“It really helped me to be a hospice social worker because now I help others who are experiencing Alzheimer's in their family members,” Mikaela said.

Even though Arlin lost his memory his family does everything they can to keep his story alive in hopes someone else can find comfort in it.

The Hastings Walk to End Alzheimer's is Sunday August 25 at Libs Park. Registration begins at 12:30 pm and after some speeches and time to connect with others the walk will begin at 2 pm.