Farmers discuss trade issues with ag community

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Farmers and experts in agriculture are talking trade at the Aurora Cooperative's annual meeting.

The Aurora Cooperative kicked off its ACE Summit and 2019 Annual Meeting Tuesday.

During the two-day event, people can participate in profitability workshops, and listen to several key speakers.

One of the big concerns from many farmers is the possible increase in imports from China.

"March 1 is the stated deadline where the current 10 percent tariffs on about $200 billion worth of imports from China would rise to 25 percent," said Darci Vetter, former Chief Agricultural Negotiator for the U.S. Trade Representative. "And that's tariffs on things that would really make a difference in both the business bottom line and the consumer pocket book as well."

Vetter said if no trade deal is reached, the president is planing on putting those tariffs in place.

Other discussions centered around the NAFTA Agreement, and how it could affect trade for farmers here in Central Nebraska.

Vetter said farmers will need to look out for what will be required for it to pass.

Other people expressed dissatisfaction with Bud Light's Superbowl commercial, which dissed other beer companies for using corn syrup in their beer.

"I think it's a good debate, and a reminder that people want to know where their food comes from. I think Bud Light kind of tapped into that, and what those ingredients mean. I think it reminds us all in ag country that we have a lot to do to educate consumers," Vetter said.

Aurora Co-op's annual meeting will continue Wednesday with a special presentation from Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson.