Weapons/felony threat case transferred to district court in Hebron

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HEBRON, Neb. (KSNB) A man accused of firing a gun in the air during a fight last fall in Davenport may now go to trial on felony charges.

Michael Lewis, 21, Jansen, face three counts of Use of a Firearm to Commit a Felony and three counts of felony Terroristic Threats. Lewis, who formerly lived in Hebron, waived an evidence hearing Monday and his case was transferred to Thayer County District court for possible trial. A hearing where Lewis is expected to enter a plea is scheduled June 4.

Court documents indicate that Lewis was involved in a fight in Davenport in the early morning of October 27, 2018, during which he is accused of using a handgun to fire multiple shots in the air. Court records also show that Lewis may have pointed the gun toward at least two other men at the residence in Davenport.

That fight led to an incident later that morning at Lewis' former home in Hebron. Court records indicate that two men were trying to break into the house. Authorities said Lewis shot and killed one of the men, Remington Elting, and shot and wounded another man Reuben Elting. Lewis had been charged with assault and a weapons charge in connection with the second incident. Lewis' attorney said last week those charges were dropped after authorities determined that the shots were justified.

The new charges related to the Davenport incident were then filed against Lewis.

The combined maximum penalties for convictions on the six charges Lewis now faces total over 150 years in prison.