Fewer appointments, vehicles serviced due to virus

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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - The auto repair industry is just one of many industries which is seeing the effects of the Coronavirus firsthand. With fewer people leaving their homes, running errands and doing traditional, daily tasks, small businesses are taking a hit.

Pat's Auto is seeing fewer vehicles being serviced due to the Coronavirus

Pat's Auto of Hastings is seeing fewer vehicles being serviced and taking fewer appointments. To combat that, Pat's Auto is beginning to offer to stop and fill up gas, grab a few grocery items, or even make a pharmacy run for anyone who has their vehicle serviced by Pat's.

There will be no additional service fee, customers will simply pay the cost of whatever is purchased by Pat's Auto.

These measures were added in hopes of keeping business at a steady flow.

"It's a little more stressful especially for all of us small businesses," Kara Tharp, the owner of Pat's Auto said. :You have people cutting hours and people losing their jobs. As a business owner, when it's your livelihood, that's scary in itself because you don't know what tomorrow is going to bring."

Mechanics were deemed an "essential" industry by the Government, which means regardless of isolation or quarantine measures, auto shops will remain open and ready to serve.

Pat's Auto is doing its part in making sure everything in the business is clean and sanitary.

"We have the disposable gloves and we're disinfecting everything numerous times per day," Tharp said. "When people come in and drop their keys off we're disinfecting them and when we give them back they're disinfected and ready to go."

Days of operation and hours remain the same for Pat's Auto and it is still offering its tow service.