Firefighters learn how to be faster with a smaller staff

Task Force 1 came to Hastings to show local fire departments how they can work better and faster with fewer people at the scene of a fire. (KSNB)

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - When a smaller fire department is sent to a fire there are a number of things they have to do differently from a bigger department. Local firefighters got some of the tips and tricks Saturday on how to be faster and more efficient.

Instructors from a national organization, Task Force 1, showed Hastings, Juniata, and North Platte first responders how to act quickly yet effectively.

With fewer people working the hose there are ways to get it unraveled and fully charged. When they get to a car wreck, there are steps to get people freed even sooner.

“You're only running about two people on a fire apparatus and normally only putting six or seven people initially on the scene of a fire,” Task Force 1 Instructor Eric Dreiman said. “So they are challenged with accomplishing a lot of different tasks in order to make an outcome of a fire be what the citizens expect.”

The Hastings Fire Chief asked for the national team to come and show their department the best way to serve the community in an emergency.

“We don't go to nearly as many fires as we did 30-40 years ago so we don't have the actual on the job training so to speak that we would like in some instances to make us proficient,” Dreiman said.

They focused on hose tactics on how they can unravel them quickly and get them charged up to a house. Most of they want to eliminate any confusion on a smaller team so they can put out a fire in a timely manner.