Fireside chat offers insight to current events

KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - It has been a busy year for politics and world events. A UNK program is trying to educate students on how it all affects them. They are called Fireside Chats facilitated by the political science department and they offer students a chance to share opinions or ask questions they may not get in class.

The UNK Political Science Department offered a talk about the Iranian conflict to give students a chance to ask questions and share their opinions. (KSNB)

Friday's subject was on the conflict in Iran following the assassination of a top military commander. The professors had a lot of key points they wanted to cover.

“Hopefully some of the factors that lead president trump to assassinate this military leader in Iran and the various conflicts and difficulties that proceeded this particular attack,” Professor William Aviles said.

The main focus of the talk was on how people reacted to the news and what they believed was going to be some of the consequences. Students asked questions of if the event would lead to another war and professors gave their educated opinions on the matter.

“So for example, one of the consequences of this event involved a major push within the Iraqi parliament to get U.S. troops out of Iraq,” Aviles said. “[There was] mass protest because this attack actually happened on Iraqi territory.”

The chats happen every first Friday of the month with a new topic selected by the professors.