First responders making changes amid Coronavirus outbreak

Published: Mar. 21, 2020 at 4:38 PM CDT
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First responders at the Grand Island Fire Department are making necessary changes amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Their main priority is to keep their officers safe so they can continue to serve the public.

Those steps have included buying a Electrostatic Sprayer. The particles in the spray are positively charged, allowing the particles to cling to and coat any service they are aimed at.

They work best for awkwardly shaped objects or hard to reached places that normal hand wipes struggle to reach. The main point of the spray is to keep ambulances sanitary.

Fire Department Captain Brad Laub said while the Coronavirus may be new to responders dealing with infectious diseases is not.

"Infectious disease is something we've dealt with. It's part of the emergency services just like at hospital,": Laub said. "We have a lot of the equipment just like a lot of the emergency services we're trying to get more equipment because we anticipate going through it a lot faster."

Other steps include: taking officers temperatures twice a day, putting a protective barrier in ambulances and canceling ride-alongs and station tours.

"It benefits us because we're doing what everybody should be doing, restricting our interaction. Restricting the contact and that's the main thing on this," Laub said.

Written on the garage doors of Station One in Grand Island is, "Everybody comes Home." In staying true to that quote, Fire Chiefs are making sure their officers are safe so they can go home healthy at the end of the day, along with the people they serve.