Flood waters cause Dannebrog residents to evacuate

DANNEBROG, Neb. (KSNB) - Across central Nebraska, many towns are dealing with flood waters and even evacuations. That is the case for Dannebrog near St. Paul.

Two of the roads off of Highway 58 have been closed and there is only one way into town from the east. The Howard County Emergency Manager said they have run out of barricades for the amount of closures they have had.

In Dannebrog, almost 90% of the town has evacuated as of Thursday.

“Our village manager said he has never seen it this bad…we have about an inch of water in the basement but the challenge for people now a lot more people have evacuated now because our sewer system is out and we have to boil drinking water,” Lori Larsen said.

Larsen said the water has totally flooded businesses in the downtown area and several houses on lower ground have had to leave.

“Just worrying about people and luckily as far as we know, nobody has been injured or hurt,” Larsen said. “They got a lot of people out last night. They bussed them over to the Boelus Civic Center and I think a lot are still there or some went to Grand Island.”

Howard County has been greatly impacted by the flood waters. The road leading up to the bridge near Boelus and Wausa has washed out and over 90 miles worth of additional roads have been closed.

“We have three large county bridges that cross the rivers in Howard County,” Howard County Highway Superintendent Janet Thomsen said. “We've closed all three of those because of flooding issues but this one has lost a portion of the bridge also.”

Thomsen said it could take months to make all the repairs they have seen from this storm.

“This is greater than a 100 year event,” Thomsen said.

As for those who have evacuated Dannebrog, emergency management urges them to be patient and to not return too soon before the water has receded.They also said to not drive through flood waters and to contact them or the local sheriff's department if they fear that their home or street is in danger of more flooding.

Dannebrog residents say they are thankful for all villages that have come to their aid and giving their evacuees a place to go.