Flooding causes concern in Kearney neighborhood

KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - Just south of Kearney, a woman is raising concern with the Buffalo County Board of Commissioners that a road near her home is often impassable.

30th Avenue between Turkey Creek and Long Island road is subject to frequent flooding. She says the road is lower than the ditches so when they fill with water it just runs into the street.

The board says there isn't much they can do to fix the problem.

“It's part of the north channel of the Platte River so it becomes an issue we can't build it up because it's in a flood plain and if we did try and do anything we would have to put a multi-million dollar bridge and we obviously can't afford that,” Board Vice Chairman Ivan Klein said.

The road leads to a subdivision of home.

“Unfortunately because of where it is at it's hard to do anything,” Klein said. “They grade it twice a week which most roads get once a week. They are trying to stay on top of it. We've talked about closing the road but nobody wants that.”

They say there's been talk over the years about a new exit to Interstate 80 being added there. If the federal government got involved. Then there may be funds to remedy the flooding.