Flooding impacts central Nebraska

UPDATE: The City of Broken Bow will have sand and sandbags available to be filled at the Park Building. The sand will be inside the Park Building from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm. After 7:00 pm there will be a pile of sand and bags outside of the building for those that need it. Please bring your own shovel to fill the sandbags.
Around central Nebraska, there has been reports of flooding, road closures, and power outages

There was a bunch of rain Wednesday morning and a lot of roadways across the Tri-Cities have been affected.

Highway 281 southbound was closed as a semi truck was towed out of a ditch at about 10:30 am. With standing water there were lots of opportunities for hydroplaning on the highway.

Authorities are advising people not to use back roads as a lot have become covered in water such as at Hilltop Road off of Rosedale Road.

In Howard County, the emergency manager said they have had so many road closures they have run out of barriers. Even some homes in North Loup are being flooded as the area is under a flash flood warning until 11:45 pm Wednesday.

All state highways and interstates have been closed westbound from Lexington to the Wyoming border in preparation for snow.

In Gibbon, Highway 30 in both directions is experiencing flooding. Some Grand Island neighborhoods like 14th and walnut are having their drains back up causing roads and yard to be filled with water. The Eddy Street underpass is also reported as having some flooding.

Dawson Public Power District saw a transformer become flooded and nearly 500 people lost power Wednesday morning. It has now been restored.

Local power districts are asking people to call or use their websites to report or find out information on outages.

As water continues to flood roadways, it is important to not try and drive through covered roads. The roads could have been washed out and it only takes a few inches of water to move a car.

Dawson Public Power District 308-324-2386
Southern Public Power District 308-384-2350
Nebraska Public Power District 1-877-275-6773