Preventing the Flu in North Platte

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Though flu cases for the year are not above normal this season in the North Platte area, caution is still advised to avoid coming down with the sickness.

Jenny Lantis, an infection prevention nurse at Great Plains Health advises getting a flu shot. "We have seen mostly Influenza A so far in the North Platte Community. You still may come down with the flu, so it's not too late to get the vaccine," says Lantis.

Signs and symptoms to look out for include fever, runny nose, cough or chills. Special symptoms in children include not eating and being extra irritable. If you are experiencing extreme high fevers or respiratory issues, seeing a doctor or possibly being hospitalized becomes an option.

You are contagious one day before you get the symptoms, and remain contagious up to seven days after. Wash your hands to prevent spreading the virus, stay home if you are sick and don't go out into your community.

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