Former make-up artist teaches students the ropes at Scottsbluff High

Published: Oct. 26, 2018 at 11:59 PM CDT
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A Scottsbluff High School art teacher is using the career academy as a well to help students learn the world of art and create zombies.

Mr. Ferreri’s art class is working with Mrs. Garcia’s theater class to create a zombie escape room. Teams of four to six will enter a room and have to finish the work of the doctor who has now become infected. The players have to solve puzzles to ensure they aren’t infected.

The idea is a first of its kind for the school but not for Ferreri; who has a background in movie make-up and props.

He will be the first to say the movies he worked on were nothing big, just some movies no one has ever heard of or never actually got through post production.

A guy from Detroit, who found a few people in that area and began creating movie magic, eventually made his way to Hollywood for a bit.

He would eventually exchange his movie life for the teaching life and headed back to Detroit. But it was the excitement of the career academy at Scottsbluff High that turned him to the area.

Ferreri’s curriculum is all about brain training, or at least that’s what he has on his door when you walk in. He teaches three separate versions of art class which range from beginner all the way to expert. But for each class, Ferreri says the students have to put in the work.

In art one, the students work with the basics but in art two they get to learn more about the facial features to get them ready for sculpting which comes in art three.

Ferreri states its all about preparing the students for their next career. He says with the advent of different technological advancements, media sites like YouTube and a surgence of cosplay and movie making you don’t have to go to Hollywood to do this.

Theater and other live action art will always need someone to create a limb or paint someone’s face mentions Ferreri.

Ferreri also adds the career academy drove him to come to Scottsbluff so he can teach and create his own curriculum not because he is a makeup artist himself, but because there is an industry in it.

Students are getting a chance to use the latest equipment and even some things are being used by professionals.

Ferreri may have left Hollywood but he is finding his own star-studded make-up and design artists in Scottsbluff.

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