GI City Council votes on rezoning lot for residential

After Tuesday's vote, it seems that the 3.3 acres between Willow and Congdon will not be turned into homes. One local company proposed to the City Council to rezone the lot from manufacturing to residential.

In a 6 to 1 vote, they approved the rezoning but fell just two votes short on approving the necessary funding for construction to start.

"Without the tax increment financing, I would be surprised if the developers will be able to move forward with the project," Grand Island Planning Director Chad Nabity told Local4. "I think it will probably stay a contractor storage yard for the foreseeable future."

If everything had passed, the plan was to break up the land into twenty smaller lots for duplexes. Developers were predicting that would cost them around $55 thousand each.

Nabity says that cost is typical for the area, but some members of council thought there was better ways to use that money.