G.I. Public Library getting improvements

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - The G.I. Public library has thousands of books, CD's and plenty of workstations. These are all very important items to a local library but with this being the age of technology, the director of the Grand Island Public Library says they need to upgrade. A hot item topping their list - Makerspace.

"Makerspace is an area where kids, teenagers, adults, budding entrepreneurs, people who just have imagination can take what they are learning in a book, do research, do plotting on computers, can make those things into real productions," said Library Director, Steve Fosselman,

You may have already begun to see signs like this letting everyone know change is on the way.

Some areas have already been restricted but through every phase of the improvement process, other spaces will be made available to accommodate patrons.

"So we are creating a center plaza, we are also creating a outdoor discovery space for kids and their parents, kids absolutely love our library, we are like a kids museum," adds Fosselman.

Upgrading the teen area is a priority as they make up a large part of their visitors. For the other thousands that use the library each week, on the improvement list is 3-D, printers, laser cutters, an audio video suite as well as a digital media lab.

The cost of the upgrades come in at just under $2 Million.

The ground breaking will take place in July with a projected finish date of January, 2019.