GI Street Division works to fill potholes ahead of expected snowfall

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - It's that time of year for potholes to make their annual return to Nebraska streets, but the Grand Island Street Division is working to stay on top of keeping them filled.

Crews work to fill potholes on Sycamore Street in Grand Island. (Credit: Alicia Naspretto, KSNB)

While the potholes are as annoying as ever for drivers, the process of filling them is a little different this year. The department has rented new equipment on a trial basis that keeps the product heated throughout making it easier to spread on the road.

"I run it at about 80 degrees," one of the maintenance workers, Nick Stueben said. "It keeps it nice where you don't need to chip at it to try to get it out of the trailer. This box can lift up if we've got big holes. It works pretty good."

"I think the guys like them a lot," Street Superintendent Shannon Callahan said. "The technology is more advanced compared to what we were using before. This is just a rental unit so it's just something we're trying out to make sure it fits our process and our procedures and it's working in the conditions that we have to work in."

The street department says they try hard to keep up with the potholes in Grand Island, but rely heavily on the public letting them know where they are.

To report a pothole in GI, you can call them at (308) 385-5322.
To report one in Kearney, you can call (308) 233-3234.
For potholes in Hastings, the number to call is (402) 461-2341.