GI homeowners plead for people to be mindful of what they flush

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Some members of the Grand Island community are warning people to not flush anything but toilet paper.

After sewage backed up into their home, one Grand Island family is asking people not to flush the wrong things down their toilets. (KSNB)

The Spiehs family is now having to tear up their basement bathroom after sewage backed up into their home. The city recommends people do not flush paper towels, cloth, feminine products, or disposable wipes. Steve Spiehs said they happened to be down stream on the main city line from someone who flushed the wrong thing. He noticed water on the ground of his basement bathroom and tried to stop it.

“I tried to plunge like anybody does and as I was trying to plunge it was coming up the shower drain so there was a massive plug,” Spiehs said.

When the plumbers used a camera they saw a lot of the disposable wipes and even cut up shirts. He believes people may be short on toilet paper and are using other products. but he asked that those things be thrown in the trash.

The Public Works department said people's service lines can be affected by what neighbors are flushing.

Public Works also said if a residence experiences a backup like this they should first call a plumber to try and fix the issue. If the plumber believes it is a greater issue with the main lines, they will contact the city. They have already seen some other sewage issues around the city and hope more people will be mindful of what they are flushing.