GINW hosts first official esports tournament

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Grand Island Northwest High School held its first official esports tournament Saturday drawing in several schools from around central Nebraska.

Gamers from around central Nebraska came to GINW High School to see who is the best at a series of video games. (KSNB)

Playing video games is often a solitary experience. But with the GINW esports competition teamwork is put to the test.

“Playing with these people, getting to know them is really cool,” Evan Kirk said.

Schools from Holdrege to David City came to see who is the best at Overwatch, Starcraft, and Rocket League. Each team has to communicate to come out on top in the bracket.

“Most of these kids go home and play video games anyway so having a place where they can cooperate and work with their friends at school is really helpful,” Lucas Kuhn said.

For most schools, this is their first year with an esports team. David City's team has about 30 people. Much more than the coach expected. With many of the kids growing up gaming. competitions help them find a community of people who support them.

“You get to play online. You can't see each other's face but I like going to tournaments so then you can actually meet the person face to face,” David City Esports Member James Farmer said.

Over 120 gamers descended upon Grand Island with controllers in hand. The coaches said they hope the state's interest in gaming continues to grow because their students love being a part of it.

“They love hearing about the colleges more and more with the scholarships and they're always talking about different streamers and stuff that they watch. They're just looking forward to getting bigger and bigger,” David City Esports Coach Adam Ebbeka said.