GIPD responds to 49 weather related accidents

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - When the weather took a turn for the worse on Wednesday, slippery roads caused several accidents in Grand Island.

The Grand Island Police Department told Local4 News that they had 49 traffic accidents in just 24 hours after the snow started to fall. There were no fatal accidents, but some caused traffic backup and many had damage to their vehicles.

GIPD says a lot of the accidents that happen in the winter can be prevented by slowing down.

"Slow down and leave plenty of distance," GIPD Captain Jim Duering said. "Speed by itself if you don't anything to hit doesn't necessarily harm anyone. But if you're unable to react to another vehicle because of your speed, that's where we have traffic accidents.

Warmer temperatures are expected to melt ice and snow soon, but it still recommended to slow down and give yourself plenty of space.