GISH students learn about scholarships, interview strategies

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Life after graduation takes a lot more than walking across a stage with a cap and gown on. Applying to colleges and nailing interviews is a major step in their lives. Grand Island Senior High's Senior Summit hopes to help them start the process.

As part of the Grand Island Senior High Senior Summit, students learned everything from applying to scholarships to how to properly shake someone's hand. (KSNB)

Whether students are headed off to university, community college, or straight to work there are applications, interviews, and more to prepare for. At the Senior Summit students got a chance to practice how to look professional in a real interview.

“I think often times they will go into an interview and they don't know what to expect so having even just a short 5-10 minute exercise opens their eyes to the questions they might expect,” Chief Industries Human Resources Director Lori Schuppan said.

From how to sit to how to dress students may not have ever considered how much there really is to an interview.

For those headed to higher education they are faced with growing tuition costs. School counselors work with them to find any grants or scholarships they may qualify for.

“Every $100, every $150, every $200 really adds up and even just apply for those little ones,” School Counselor Cathy Davis said.

GISH has a high number of first generation college students whose families are learning the process as well.

“Usually it's just the knowledge of the information they need to have especially in the terms of the FAFSA,” Davis said. “Having a checklist for parents is really helpful. They can go through that checklist and if parents can't be here for a meeting then their students can bring what they need with them.”

Seniors work closely with counselors on essays, applications, and finding the confidence for their future jobs. Some are leaving behind a little bit of advice for younger classes.

“Start early. Especially for scholarships and things like that,” Senior Wyatt Kohles said. “I had planned to but time gets away from you.”

Grand Island Senior high brings in outside organizations like Chief to help show them how real world interviews will go. They can help them calculate their expenses if they were to go to a four year university.