Gibbon left to clean up after a second major flooding event

Shannon Heckt On Tuesday night, Gibbon got the warning of flood waters heading their way. So people jumped into action to sandbag and cover their windows and doors because in March there was no warning.

Gibbon residents area cleaning up after flood waters flowed through town for the second time in a year. (KSNB)

“That time we didn't have any notice whatsoever and we lost most of our appliances and equipment in there,” Mary Chuy Owner Bernardo Trevineo said.

The Mary Chuy restaurant had a foot less of water this time. In the spring, they lost a lot more so when they saw the water rising again they didn't know if they were going to keep going.

“If there is an opportunity for us we may relocate but as of right now I think we're going to try to reopen again,” Trevineo said.

Now they are on the road to repairs to their floors and walls. For neighbors down the street, they say this round of flooding is a whole new beast. Water ran over the train tracks and right into their houses.

“It was higher water, we've got ground water coming up between the wall and the floor in the basement so the water table is higher. It was just more mud,” Kollars said.

Kollars runs a sewing business out of her basement and has had to put it on the back burner since March. She says it has been horrible to go through this again.

“It's frustrating because we had it about ready,” Koller said. “We hadn't got our stuff from the storage unit yet and we needed to do a little more painting and that kind of thing but we were about ready to move stuff back in and get my business up and running.”

Gibbon is back on the long road to recovery but it isn't keeping people's spirits down.

“We got no intentions of leaving. It’s home. It's the way it is and when it's dry back there, there's not a prettier peaceful place in the country,” Lonnie Jurgens said.