Give Where You Live brings local nonprofits together

KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - Many people got out their wallets on Thursday to support their favorite nonprofits for Give Where You Live.

Kearney hosts day of giving to bring awareness to groups like the housing agency who brings meals on wheels to people who can't leave their homes. Without them, some people may not have the means to eat regularly.

“There are people who simply can't get out of their homes, don't have the money for whatever reason to feed themselves,” Riley Shelton said. “To make sure they get at least one a day it feels pretty important.”

Some families find themselves in the grip of addiction or poverty. Compass helps foster children be reunited with their families or find new homes.

“It's also really great when we get to see kids come from terrible situations and we know ok they're safe now, they can rest, they're okay,” Compass Project Lead Savannah Lyon said.

The Kearney Area Community Foundation puts on this day to help all these organizations carry on their services year round.

Many organizations are there to help those in need others are there to educate and bring a smile to a child's face. The Kearney Area Children's Museum works to educate kids in a fun and engaging way.

Like many other organizations, this day is one of their major fundraisers.

“That's how we keep our doors open, too. Through grants, through donations, through memberships so lot's of different things help us incorporate and we want to continue being better for the community in every way that we can,” Executive Director Tracy Winscot said.

All these groups have different services but they all hope to make Kearney a better place.

You can go to and donate directly to the organization of your choice.