Good Samaritan Society celebrates annual "Samfest"

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - People had a groovy kind of day today while celebrating Good Samaritan Society's 4th annual "September Samfest" Thursday.

They hosted a 60's themed day called "Make Peace, not War." It began with a parade through the Hastings Village campus.

It featured a variety of golf carts, bikes and cars decked out in the 60's theme.

The Hastings High School marching band also walked in the parade.

There was also a fashion show in the afternoon, and a bluegrass and country concert in the evening.

"It's really fun for our residents," said Susan Spady, the volunteer coordinator at Good Samaritan Society. "If you think 55 and older, the 60's for them was raising their children, and they were very active in the 60's. Just some great memories.

Spady said they enjoy putting the event on for their residents, and the community.

"Well I think it's important as a community that we come together, and we just celebrate us. You know being 55 is a great time of life. Retirement is a great time, and so we just want to celebrate. And I think it's important for the community to come together and have fun," Spady said.

The 60's theme also gives a nod to the veterans who served in Vietnam.

"We're just so grateful for their service. And maybe our Vietnam veterans didn't come back to the homecoming that they should have. And I think it's important to always thank our veterans and to be proud of their service," Spady said.

She said they are looking forward to planning for next year, and hope to make the event bigger and better.