Governor Ricketts visits Prairie Loft Center following land agreement

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - The Prairie Loft Center in Hastings recently signed a 10-year land agreement with the state and Governor Pete Ricketts stopped by to congratulate them.

The Prairie Loft Center in Hastings is making plans on what to do with new land they will manage after an agreement with the state. (KSNB)

They will now grow from eight acres to managing an additional 65 acres of land. The Prairie Loft Center is a place of learning to show people contemporary ways of farming and also appreciating the old ways of doing things.

A big focus of the center is to show kids how crops and livestock are raised in a contemporary way. They also try and appreciate how things used to be done when it was the Hastings Regional Center farm.

“If our coming generations are going to continue feeding everybody in a good way, it's really important that we keep learning more about how things have changed and will continue to change in food production,” Executive Director Amy Sandeen said.

While many people grow up around it, there are still a lot of questions to be answered.

“It's amazing in our community how our heritage and our economy is based on agriculture but our knowledge and literacy is lacking,” Sandeen said.

Now they hope to grow their pastures and educational activities.

“The plan for the new managed land will be to really assess what is already there,” Sandeen said. “How we can practice better range management and crop management, soil practices, habitat plant health, and the whole environment as it works in a farm-based outdoor education program.”

Right now they have several summer camps going on and soon school field trips will be making the trip.