Governor reveals new DHHS plan

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Governor Pete Ricketts made a stop at the Department of Health and Human Services in Grand Island Wednesday afternoon to announce the third annual business plan.

It is titled "Mission Driven, High-Quality services for Nebraskans." The plan details 18 key initiatives that DHHS will work on throughout the year.

Eleven of the them are expansions from last year's business plan.

"We've got the opportunity to drive even better service, and things like Access Nebraska," said Gov. Pete Ricketts. "Or with the opioid issues, to make sure we're continuing what we've been doing in the past. So it really is a continuous improvement philosophy that we've got. That each business plan builds on the last to be able to drive even better performance."

Ricketts also congratulated the team for their achievements as part of the second business plan.