Grain bin safety discussed at Husker Harvest Days

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - At Husker Harvest Days this week, Sukup Manufacturing Co. has been working with people to help teach them how to safely deal with clumped up grain bins. They're trying to help people move away from having to go in personally to break up the grain.

Sukup Manufacturing Co. took time at Husker Harvest Days to explain grain bin safety. (KSNB)

“Many times people just plain get in a hurry. They forget about all the hazards and just jump right and in most cases they have to be rescued or retrieved if in fact there is a death,” Sukup Sales Director John Hanig said.

But they understand it does happen so they want people to make sure they're harnessed and turn off all the equipment.

“If you're going to enter a bin, you've shut the equipment off, you need to make sure you've locked that power source off and tagged it with your tag on it,” Hanig said. “So if somebody comes to see the equipment is not running for whatever reason, they go over to the power source and they see you've shut it off and locked it out.”

They say it takes just seconds for someone to become trapped in the grain and they see about one person a month get stuck in a grain bin which could be fatal. Hanig said they hear of at least one case a month of someone becoming trapped in a grain bin.

Sukup worked with FFA students to help make these safety precautions a regular thing. Hanig said it's usually the older generation who has been doing it for years who are most at risk of skipping the precautions.