Grand Island City Council to vote on possibly building more homes

Published: May. 13, 2019 at 6:37 PM CDT
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For the last two decades the owners of over three acres of Grand Island wanted to bring homes to the area. Without being able to bring affordable sewage to the plot of land, they were unable to make that happen.

Now a new company is trying to come in and make that change. The Grand Island City Council is expected to vote on a proposal Tuesday that would rezone the area from manufacturing to residential. The plot of land is between Willow and Congdon Avenues just north of Fourth Street.

If approved, the plan is to break the land up into twenty new residential lots.Grand Island Planning Director Chad Nabity told Local4 that he thinks its a good idea to keep up with GI's growing population.

"The 2014 housing study indicated that we needed about 1,700 new and refurbished units and we've done about 1000 since then," Nabity said. "The housing study that we're working on now is suggesting that we need about 1,450 over the next five years."

Nabity also said he hopes this is just the start of more coming to that part of Grand Island.

"With that we may see more development in that part of town, additional commercial development," he said. "So getting new houses there is part of that mix to get new retail there."

The City Administration is recommending the council does approve this proposal. They will vote at their regular meeting scheduled Tuesday at 7pm.