Northwest Public School's superintendent Matt Fisher to resign

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - The search for a new superintendent at Northwest Public School's will soon begin, as current superintendent Matt Fisher announced his resignation.

On Monday morning teachers and staff of Northwest Public School's learned via email that Fisher will be resigning.

"It was a very difficult decision," Fisher said. "Obviously there's a lot of things about Northwest, and great people to work with. So I've been kind of back and forth, "yeah, I'm going to retire, no I'm not." Ultimately I decided that this was the right decision for myself and my family at this point."

Fisher said he's been debating resigning for awhile now.

He said he was eligible to retire at the beginning of last year, but wanted to stay and see the middle school bond issue through. Fisher said he's just at that age and point in his career where he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity.

Fisher said he'll be staying through the rest of the school year, and wants to help the board find a replacement.

He said he's also planning on helping the board make some definitive decisions about the future of the district.

"One area that I've felt we can improve on is what we're doing with our middle school students. My hope is that that can be that defining moment somewhere, whether it happens this spring or is down the road a little ways," Fisher said.

He said he doesn't know exactly what he's going to do after he leaves in July. Fisher said for right now, he's going to leave education.

He said he's always enjoyed carpentry, and might consider finding some work in that. Fisher said he also co-owns a ranch, and might expand it in his free time. He also joked that he'll now have more time to ride his motorcycle.

During his seven years in the district, Fisher said he's most proud of the Freshman Academy they put in place a few years ago. He said he's hoping to add finding a solution to their middle school issues to his list of accomplishments.

The school board will be discussing Fisher's resignation at their meeting Monday night, and how to move forward.