Grand Island Vape Ban to start next week

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - The Grand Island City Council voted at their last meeting to start treating vape pens the same as cigarettes. This means any where smoking isn't allowed, vaping will no longer be either including in any building, public area, or place of business.

UI Health Care researchers are looking for volunteers for their study on the effects of vaping. (MGN)

These new regulations coming just shortly after many cases of people getting sick from vaping have come out. With so little known about the product and the affects of second hand smoke, this new regulation is about keeping the public safe.

Vaping has grown very popular the last few years with teenagers and young adults, which the health department says is a dangerous trend. Vaping does contain nicotine and other chemicals that they recommend staying away from.

"This is not cool and it's not safe," Teresa Anderson, the Health Director at Central District Health Department, said. "We really want parents to understand what this is all about because I think sometimes parents are misguided as well. We're talking vaping like it's a water vapor, when in actuality it's loaded with bad chemicals."

They're hoping the inconvenience these regulations will cause will also encourage people to stop using the products all together.

This goes into affect this Wednesday. People who are found vaping in areas they shouldn't can be fined up to $500.