GI police investigating suspects who sprayed liquid at Sunday protesters

Published: Jun. 2, 2020 at 1:22 PM CDT
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Police are investigating a Sunday night incident in which protesters in Grand Island were sprayed with a liquid from a pressurized toy water gun.

Video of the incident obtained by Local4 shows a teenager spraying protesters while riding in a car driving by the street. Protesters who were hit say it smelled like vinegar, but in the video that was posted to the boy's Snapchat he repeatedly said it was mixed with urine.

The incident happened Sunday night during a Black Lives Matter protest march from a Grand Island park to a parking lot on South Locust Street.

"It was just really disrespectful and that kid thought it was a joke and it was a prank and it's not," Jasmine Tapia, a protester who was hit with the liquid, said. "What we are fighting for is not a prank and not something to be messed with."

Police told Local4 that they have identified at least two people who were in the car driving by the protesters. They are treating it as a criminal matter and expect charges to be filed by Wednesday.

They say they are unsure what the liquid was but if it was just vinegar, the charges would likely be misdemeanors. If however, it was determined that bodily fluids were involved, the offense would be a felony.

Protesters say they won't let incidents like this stop them from continuing their fight against police brutality. The group was back on the street both Monday and Tuesday night as well.