Shoemaker principal convicted of drunk driving

Published: Aug. 12, 2019 at 6:05 PM CDT
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A judge Wednesday convicted a Grand Island school principal of drunk driving.

Lee Wolfe, 38, is principal at Shoemaker Elementary school. Central City police arrested him August 11 while his son was in the car.

In Merrick County Court Wednesday Wolfe pleaded no contest to misdemeanor driving under the influence and to attempt of a class one misdemeanor.

The county judge convicted Wolfe and sentenced him to six months probation and a $500 dollar fine for each crime. Wolfe must also avoid drugs and alcohol, be subject to testing, continue his current alcohol and drug counseling and attend at least four AA meetings in the next two months.

The judge also attached a ten day jail sentence which may be reviewed or suspended based on Wolfe's conduct while on probation.

In an August 12 statement, Grand Island Public Schools said Wolfe contacted GIPS leadership, spoke to Shoemaker staff and then released this message to Shoemaker families:

"I want all Shoemaker families to know I feel terrible about how this reflects upon Shoemaker, Grand Island Public Schools, myself and my family," Wolfe said at the time. "While I am not at liberty to provide any more details, I do want everyone to know I will do whatever it takes to move forward professionally and personally to restore your trust."

Wolfe has continued as principal at Shoemaker since the arrest. At the time of his arrest the district said they expected him to receive "his due process." A Grand Island Public Schools spokesperson told Local4 Wednesday that the district would take no disciplinary action.

The district also issued this statement late Wednesday afternoon:

"The courts have made their decision regarding Mr. Wolfe's actions. We know Mr. Wolfe has addressed his mistake, both personally and professionally. He will remain employed as a principal with the Grand Island Public Schools."

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