Grand Island shelter raises money for surgeries on World Spay Day

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Keeping pets healthy and animals off the streets was the goal of the World Spay Day. The Voice for Companion Animals shelter has been raising money so that 75 pets could be spayed and neutered. On top of keeping the stray population down, it also has a lot of health benefits for pets.

The Voice for Companion Animals shelter raised money to help pay for 75 cats and dogs to be spayed and neutered. They aim to reduce stray populations and raise awareness of the health benefits. (KSNB)

Grand Island sees stray cat and dog population issues like any city. With spring coming, new litters are expected to boost the numbers. But World Spay Day helped 75 cats and dogs keep from having unwanted puppies and kittens.

“With spay and neuter it lowers the intake at the local shelters and actually any shelter and anything to lower the intake and help out the stress level at shelters is a good thing as well,” Voice For Companion animals President Robyn Mays said.

Some people worry getting the surgery for their pet would change their personalities. But for male and females there are a lot of health benefits that come from being spayed or neutered.

“There's research out there that if you spay females prior to going into particularly their second to third heat, but even their first heat, you will significantly reduce the risk of mammary cancer,” Veterinarian Melissa Girard-Lemons said. “Hormones can lead to unfortunately sometimes aggressive tendencies.”

Veterinarians said, if anything, it would make a pet more calm and less likely to want to roam and leave their owners in search of mates. Voice for Companion Animals and the humane society often see their kennels full of animals nobody wants to claim. So getting them fixed to help cut back on future generations of strays is the biggest goal.

“The goal is to put you out of business if you have a shelter. An animal rescue site or a shelter they want to be put out of business, they don't want to have unwanted pets,” Girard-Lemons said.

The surgery is quick and easy and only takes a couple days to fully recover from. All of the vet clinics in Grand Island were involved in the Spay Day throughout the week and the Voice for Companion Animals shelter hopes to help even more animals next year.