Grand Island to proclaim June as Immigrant Heritage Month

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - For many cities around the country, June is set to be a month to celebrate the diverse culture they have and Grand Island will soon do the same.

Grand Island city officials and cultural organizations are joining together to declare June as Immigrant Heritage Month.

The city is rich with diversity and cultures from around the world brought to one place in central Nebraska. About 16% of the city population are foreign born and on 4th Street it is about 24%.

“It's wonderful to connect that economic impact over time for our community but also to celebrate the fact that our economy is strong because of the different people who live here,” Multicultural Coalition Executive Director Audrey Lutz said.

The mayor and the chamber of commerce will partner with the Multicultural Coalition and the Heartland Workers Center to declare June as Immigrant Heritage Month.

“This is a celebration of the fact that throughout the history of our city with people from all over the world we have created a bright city with a bright future,” Mayor Roger Steele said.

The Multicultural Coalition says they serve people from Cuba, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and more. Organizers say having this month is important to look back on how the community was formed by immigrants and where it can go from here.

“The quality of life is better when we have differences of perspective, of culture, of language because we get to learn from each other and learn different things about what it means to be grand islander from people around the world,” Lutz said.

They say everyone came from immigrants at some point, so all should be celebrated.

The event will be from 10-3 on 4th Street outside the Coalition office. After the declaration ceremony, there will be food trucks and family friendly events to help celebrate.