Growing veggies for better health

Published: Aug. 24, 2017 at 2:03 PM CDT
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Not only treating those that are sick, but helping to insure they may not need to come back near as often.

That's the mission of the Third City Clinic, which helps those that may not be able to afford healthcare.

Part of there program includes a unique bit of well-health care.

Take a small triangular shaped weed patch formed by converging streets, add in an agreeable mayor, donated items and volunteer gardeners and you have a community garden to feed those in need

"We harvest the fruit or the vegetables and we take them into the clinic and we hand them out to the patients," says Cindy Del La Cruz, a nurse at the clinic.

It is a community garden tended to by the staff of the clinic. It's right outside their doors and executive director Susan Aguilar says giving the vegetables away fits into their over all mission.

"The concept is to not just treat people with medicine and with a doctor, but to treat them how to eat healthy and have healthy lives," said Aguilar. "And to have their children grow up healthy too."

Many contribute, but it was Del La Cruz who came up with the idea and is the number one gardener.

"Overall fun thing to do, and overall, we like to make sure that our patients are healthy," said Del La Cruz.

Next year, Aguilar says they are hoping to provide lessons on canning these vegetables, as this is project that just keeps on growing.