Hall County Election Commissioner: Extra postage not needed for ballots

Published: Apr. 22, 2020 at 11:53 AM CDT
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The Hall County Election Commissioner would like to make it known that election ballots do not require extra postage. One current-rate postage stamp will return the ballots in the mail.

Any voter not wanting to pay postage is also welcome to return the ballots in the Official Ballot Drop Box located next to the east side entrance of the Hall County Administration Building, 121 S. Pine St.

Election Commissioner Tracy Overstreet said the county was mindful of postage to voters and specifically purchased a ballot counting machine in 2015 that could accommodate a folded ballot in a smaller envelope that required only one stamp.

"The number of ballots in Hall County that do not get counted due to insufficient postage is zero," Overstreet said. "The U.S. Post Office and the Hall County Election Office work in tandem to ensure delivery of all voted ballots.

Overstreet said there may be other counties in Nebraska or other states that use oversize envelopes that do require additional postage, but Hall County is not one of those counties.

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