Hall County authorities evacuate section of Airport Rd

Hall County Sheriff's Department

HALL COUNTY, Neb. (KSNB) - Flooding continues to be a problem for many areas across the state, including in Hall County where overnight authorities evacuated an area on the northwest edge of Grand Island.

The Hall County Sheriff's Department said they along with Grand Island Police evacuated homes in the area of Airport Road between Engleman and North Road.

Captain Quinn Webb said about 25 homes in the area were voluntarily evacuated as water in the area was rising rapidly late Thursday night.

He said many people left and had places to go in Grand Island, but there were a few who chose to stay behind and save their property.

The sheriff's department has been checking on them periodically to make sure they are safe.

Captain Webb said the people whose homes were most affected by flooding were the ones that evacuated.

He adds that it started when the emergency manager asked them to go and evacuate people, but by the time they had gone out to speak to homeowners, some of the houses were already cut off.

Captain Webb said a couple of elderly residents had to be assisted by deputies to get out of their residence.

The sheriff's department has two major concerns right now: the first is anyone on the path of Silver Creek need to take precautions and keep an eye on rising water, the second is travel.

Captain Webb said almost every road that runs north and south has water crossing over it. Many people are having trouble getting home and people are getting stuck.

He shared a story saying that one vehicle had to be left behind after trying to cross a road. The driver was rescued by another vehicle.

"This isn't going to be fixed anytime soon," he said. "Water is not receding."

One major warning he wants to get across is avoid traveling on Highway 2. He said there have been drivers that have been trying to test it out because it looks fine in some parts, but that isn't the case.

If you need to travel between Ravenna, Cairo and Grand Island, you should take Highway 11 to Husker Highway instead.

He said there is about a 3-mile stretch of highway that is under water. He adds that there are signs up saying that Highway 2 is closed, but that hasn't stopped drivers.

Authorities want drivers to be smart when it comes to this flooding taking place. Never drive across a flooded roadway, pay attention to alerts from emergency managers and local law enforcement and educate yourself so you know where you can go.

Hall County Sheriff's Department
Hall County Sheriff's Department
Hall County Sheriff's Department
Hall County Sheriff's Department