Hall County gets hits with severe weather again

WOOD RIVER, Neb. (KSNB) - Thursday night was a long night for people in Hall County who were unsure of what they would be waking up to. Large hail, heavy winds and a lot of rain left a damage and unsafe conditions in the southern parts of the county.

The Crane Trust Nature and Visitor Center was hit with more storm damage shortly after cleaning up from the last time. (Credit: Alicia Naspretto, KSNB)

"We received quite a bit of heavy rains and high winds," Jon Rosenlund, the Hall County Emergency Management Director, said. "Mostly down in the Alda, Wood River, Doniphan area. We did see a number semi trucks affected by the wind. A number of county roads were inundated."

Hall County is no stranger to flooding and storm damage. Some places were still cleaning up from last time when they got hit again.

"This is our fourth big storm event in the last month or so," Brice Krohn, President of the Crane Trust Nature And Visitor Center, told Local4 News. "We did lose a building about a month ago and we just finally cleaned up the storm damage from that and then as we came in this morning, it really surprised us."

The Crane Trust Nature and Visitor Center had hail damage on their building, knocked over trees and flooding in many parts of their 5,000 acres.

"We've been out. We have 129 bison on our property as well so we are checking fences," Krohn said. "We had a few tree limbs down on fences that we wanted to get cleaned up earlier. I came in thinking I was going to work on grant applications and was quickly turned around and overseeing storm assessment."

The Center says some of their employees weren't even able to make it to work because of how flooded the roads all were.