Hall County starts phase one of reopening

A tattoo artist works on a design on his first day back to work after the pandemic. (Credit: Alicia Naspretto, KSNB)
A tattoo artist works on a design on his first day back to work after the pandemic. (Credit: Alicia Naspretto, KSNB)(KSNB)
Published: Jun. 2, 2020 at 12:18 AM CDT
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Hall County entered its first phase of reopening on Monday, giving many businesses a chance to see their first customers in more than three months. From tattoo parlors to hair salons, clients packed into their seats for the first time since March.

"It was so exciting. It was like the first day of school all over again," Kayla Chrastil, Owner of Elle Salon in Grand Island, said. "I woke up at 4:30 this morning."

Elle Salon was one of the many businesses forced closed by the first Directed Health Measure in March.

"When we started to call to reschedule, it was like Santa Claus who was calling everyone was like 'are you open? When can I get in?'" Chrastil said. "People were like 'I have vacation time, I can take off work.' people wanted in."

They are already booked up for at least a month out and she says people seem to be comfortable being back in the shop.

"I think most of the girls feel pretty safe with it," she said. "It lifts people's moods. Everyone is feeling better, everyone is starting to get out more."

Across town, clients are also comfortable hopping back in the tattoo chairs.

Robert Parker owns I-80 Tattoo and said they are booked up for the whole week. He said it's been a rough few months for his employees without work.

"Business is business. You can't feed your family without a business," Parker said. "I guess for the safety of the world, we went with it for as long as we have to."

Sticking with the Health Department's recommendations, I-80 Tattoos now requires masks and temperature checks at the door. Even with the new changes implemented, the artists are just happy to be back at work.

"It's time, yes," Parker said. "The world is ready. People have been messaging us like 'I got to get some ink, I got to get some ink.' well we're ready now."

For businesses that did reopen, the Directed Health Measure says they do still need to stay under the 10 person limit.

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