Hall County still collecting tree debris from residents

HALL COUNTY, Neb. (KSNB) - If you live in Hall County and haven't had a chance to clear away all the branches and debris from last week don't worry. The county is still working to pick that up.

Hall County continues to collect tree debris after major wind storm. (KSNB)

All residents need to do is pile up their branches and leaves on the side of the road. The county will be sending crews over the next couple weeks to pick it up.

“It appears like 90% of the trees are ours, 10% are coming from private properties, so we'll spend a little bit of extra effort while we're there then people don't have to haul it to a site,” Hall County Highway Superintendent Steve Riehle said.

They have already completed their first sweep of the subdivisions on black top roads and some gravel roads. If there is damage on a more rural road or believe a house may have been missed, people can call the highway department to make sure your street is on the list.

If the tree is too big to get to the side of the street the county suggests hiring a private service to help. They hope to have everything cleaned up by Labor Day. But same debris piles will have to wait.

“There's some roads like Cedar View east of Amick Acres and maybe even Capitol Avenue that we've got the trees pushed aside and we may not get to those until close to when the snow flies because we've got a lot of other projects we're trying to catch up on from this spring,” Riehle said.

The city of Grand Island has closed all their drop off areas but people can still bring debris to the transfer station.

The county says if you live on a rural road and are concerned crews aren't coming your way or need more immediate assistance you can call before Labor Day.

The deadline to have branches put out for collection is Friday August 23. The number to call is 308-385-5126.